Hi Friends! Welcome to my blog "The Perfect Tours"

    I'm Cham having a lovely husband and 2 beautiful sweet kids,a girl and a boy. We live in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

    Life is so busy and stress with household works, school duties, kids' sports lessons and jobs. So when we have a time we travel somewhere in the world to getaway from stressful situation for few days or few weeks.

Traveling can expose my kids to new places, environments,culture, people, language and even new food.My son is so curious about new things so, traveling helps him to see world in different views.

     I would like to share our perfect world travel experiences with you and hope it will help you to get an idea about that famous places when you are planning a family trip.

The Perfect Tours is a blog with amazing journey descriptions, photographs,videos and travel tips to guide your next trip. Unforgettable memories in popular tourist destinations around the world with my family.

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